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Fast, Technical, and Comprehensive
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Efficient, Innovative, and Professional
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Quick, Tailored, and Optimized
Listing Services

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Powerful, Customized, and Functional
Blockchain Development

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TNC Consulting
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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Consulting

TNC Consulting Services & Solutions deals with all your blockchain and cryptocurrency needs. From blockchain development, blockchain marketing, and exchange listing, TNC can provide consulting and implementation services on-point.

Our team of highly trained experts will work seamlessly to provide you with the best technology and marketing solutions. From innovators, developers, and marketers, you can ensure that capable professionals will handle your business.

We aim to provide our services to companies looking to enhance the future. Our team is ready to future-proof your business by utilizing blockchain and digital technologies, allowing your company to offer your solutions and innovations on a grander scale.

Our Mission

Through blockchain technology, we are providing the best services to companies that require our assistance.

Our Vision

We created a decentralized workforce. We want to create a united blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

How We Can Help
Setting Up Ventures

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Defining our Business

TNC Teams at Your

We aim to proliferate innovation by utilizing blockchain and cryptocurrency. Explore our business opportunity and have an in-depth understanding of our technical services by getting an exclusive copy of the TNC Teams Prospectus.



Our IT team has the best blockchain consultants and blockchain developers that can produce and develop tokens, coins, decentralized applications, and more.


Developing the concepts with content writers to develop the whitepaper of the project. Providing technological possibilities and concepts to solidify the business idea.

ERC20 Token Contract Creation

Creation of Contract on ERC20 standards using the Solidity language. The contract will contain major functionalities and other requested functions.

Token Deployment

ERC20 token will be initially deployed to the Ropsten testnet. After testing and execution, the contract will be deployed to the Ethereum mainnet.

Etherscan Registration

The contract will be registered on the Etherscan website. The official ticker and website will be added with the token. The contract code will be submitted and verified.

Github Repository

Github Repository will be created. The contract code and the ticker will be added to the repository. This repository will be referenced on the Etherscan verification.

Mainnet Development

We will develop and deploy your robust blockchain protocol to ensure that a smooth migration of coins/tokens like BTC or EOS fork will be conducted.


Our blockchain developers would implement strong authentication and cryptography key vaulting to guarantee that the blockchain is secured.


Our team is composed of experienced professional web developers that specialize in creating quality web applications, designs, website developments, and more.

System Architecture

The system architecture will contain the conceptual model that defines the structure, behavior, and functions of the website of our client.

Domain Setup

We will set up the domain for our client. We will secure domain or domains for our client and purchase them from official domain registrars.

Server Setup

We will set up the server for our client’s website. We will ensure that the server can handle the amount of traffic and usage that is expected to be reached.

Website Design

After getting approval for the mockups provided by the Design Team, our web designers will create a coded version of our client’s website.

Website Updates

Any updates that the client wants on their website will be implemented by our IT professionals. Regular website updates will be conducted.

Site Maintenance

Our IT professionals will perform website maintenance. They will regularly check your website for issues and keep it updated and relevant.

Custom CMS

We develop custom Content Management Systems for our clients. A custom CMS is a solution created exclusively for specific client demands.


Our website developers would inspect the configuration of the web server to ensure that any web security vulnerabilities cannot happen.


Our skilled IT professionals will work on the design, development, and maintenance of mobile applications that are compatible with different operating systems.

Android Development

We develop Android applications for our clients. These applications are created for devices running the Android operating system.

iOS Development

We develop iOS applications for our clients. These applications are created for devices running the Apple iOS operating system.

API Development

Our IT professionals will research, develop, and prepare existing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) necessary for the application.

App Testing

App testing is a key part of the process. Our team will run and verify your app's correctness, functional behavior, and usability before the app’s release.

App Deployment

App deployment consists of all of the activities that make the application software system available from the developer’s side.

App Maintenance

App maintenance is about keeping our client’s app updated. As more users come and provide feedback, we will incorporate those into bug fixes.

UI/UX Design

User interface engineering for mobile apps is the design of user interfaces with the focus on maximizing usability and the user experience.


Multi-factor authentication, proper session handling, data loss prevention controls, and solid encryption protocols will be implemented.


Our technical division is composed of expert developers who can assist you in creating a specialized multi-cryptocurrency wallet for your blockchain project.

Aladdin Wallet

Aladdin Wallet is a multi-account and non-custodial wallet with security at its core. It is capable of handling over 5000 transactions per second.

Aladdin Pro

Aladdin Pro is a digital decentralized wallet with an integrated custody control. It combines solid security features and supports 2000+ cryptos.


We are constantly researching the latest security trends and innovations to implement the best practices and technologies for our wallet applications.

Biometric Authentication

Our team will implement biometric authentication and security processes that verify a user’s identity through voice, facial recognition, and fingerprint.

Data Masking

Our IT specialists create an inauthentic version of data that can be used for software testing and user training to protect the actual data.

Multi-Currency Support

Our professional developers build applications that support a wide array of cryptocurrency assets for efficient peer-to-peer transactions.

Crypto Wallet Developement

To guarantee that your asset will be secured for the users, we will add your crypto on our security-enhanced and high-performing cryptocurrency wallets.


We have blockchain developers, mobile creators, front-end designers, and back-end experts ready to make a secure custodial wallet for your project.


Our team can also create a non-custodial version of your wallet to give users more confidence in your project, as we have done so for other clients.

Aladdin Plus

Aladdin Plus offers seamless crypto transactions while deploying multi-layer protective measures. It protects its users by encrypting all their data.

Web and Mobile Wallets

For global cryptocurrency users, our team of skilled developers creates decentralized mobile and desktop-compatible wallets for all OS.

Wallet Maintenance

Focused on transaction safety, our cybersecurity professionals guarantee wallet maintenance to prevent any cases of asset/data theft.

Wallet Backup

Our team assures premier wallet backup tools. All the backups are encrypted through our sophisticated blockchain for higher security.

Content Writing

Our team of eloquent writers is committed to providing different types of content such as manuals, contracts, press releases, and blogs for brand development.


A whitepaper is the core of the project. It’s a persuasive, authoritative, and in-depth report on the problem and the solution provided by your project.

Website Contents

Your website content must reflect the project’s core solutions. Our content writers will work together with the designers to give the best content.

Application Contents

We provide services for your application content. Application contents must be very easy to understand and communicate well with your users.

Press Release Writing

Press releases are very important for building your brand’s image. It presents official statements issued for giving information to your audience.


Manuals are necessary for your audience so that they can understand your software better. We make manuals for many different mobile apps or websites.

Proposal Writing

We can write plans and proposals written in a formal or any format requested by our client. Proposals are an integral part of forming business partnerships.

Contract Writing

When entering a business contract, written proof of the agreement, as well as specific terms by which each party is bound, is a necessity.

Video Script Development

A video script is a chronological run-down of scenes, shots, action, and dialogue sent to video editors to create videos for our client’s projects.

Project Overviews

The project overview is a necessary document that is required by exchanges before listing your coin or token. We specialize in creating this for our clients.

Blog Posts

Blog marketing is also one of our specialties. It’s a process that publicizes or advertises our client’s business by using blogging strategies.

SNS Content Creation

Social media users continue to grow each day. Because of this, social media content is an integral part of any marketing initiative.


We also cater to Korean, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese customers. Translation services for other languages are available upon request.


Our team has capabilities to take your company’s personality and translate it into visual design. We work every step of the way to create amazing designs.


We promote our client’s project by creating and building the distinction through the use of various graphic design and color psychology techniques.

Logo Design

A logo is an integral graphic mark or symbol used to aid and promote your brand. It is important to create logos that truly represent your project.

Icon Design

Our design team creates icons that are used in websites, mobile applications, blockchain development, and all aspects of marketing.

Website Mockup Design

Website mockups are created before the actual design to finalize the layout of the website, blog, or landing page based on our client’s instructions.

Application Mockup

Similar to website mockups, application mockups are also created before the actual design to finalize the layout of the apps-based client directives.

SNS Design

Social media content is an integral part of any marketing initiative. Our designers coordinate with content writers to create effective social media posts.

Art & Illustrations

Our design team can create art and illustrations which explain, clarifies, illuminates, and visually represents your project’s mission and vision.

Explainer Video Creation

Our team creates a short-animated video commonly used by many projects to quickly tell their brands' value propositions in a creative way.

Video Production

Similar to filmmaking, video production is the process of producing video content through the use of images recorded digitally instead of on films.

2D & 3D Animation

2D and 3D animations show your brand’s digital prowess. It creates a lasting impression on your target audience and is an effective tool for marketing.

Digital Marketing

Our marketing experts offer an elite suite of digital marketing services ranging from SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and more.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a mandatory part of marketing any products and services. Through our SEO professionals, strategies to improve website rankings are implemented.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM proves to be one of the most effective ways to grow your online presence. Via paid advertisements, you can have an edge among competitors.

Google Ads

To build brand awareness, Google Ads has been a go-to solution. With a specific amount and target audience, CPC advertising produces results.

YouTube Ads

One of the most cost-efficient video advertising is done via Youtube. Through these campaigns, you only pay when people watch your published ads.

Social Media Optimization

SMO deals with the usage of social media networks in managing and growing a brand’s online presence. Viral publicity is one of the main goals.

Social Media Marketing

One of the most powerful ways to reach your prospects and customers is via SMM. We will connect with the audience through social media platforms.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the aspects of performance-based marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commissions for product marketing.

Influencer Marketing

Maximizing the social media scene, this involves ads and product placements with influential people. Social influence is put into an advantage.

Email Marketing

Every email sent to a potential customer is a core matter. This could affect how an individual or a certain group will perceive your business.

Press Release Distribution

After writing press releases, we will create a distribution strategy to effectively disseminate it through our media partners, both paid and organic.

Market Making

Our Market Making services can advance the position of token listings on exchanges and create better conditions and liquidation for your coins or tokens.

Liquidity Solutions

Our liquidity specialist can help you increase the liquidity of your tokens, fill gaps, and tighten the spreads in your order books.

Depth Building

We can help your project grow by providing a secure level of liquidity that can build trust with your project’s investors and attract organic volume.

Volume Making

Our team works 24/7 to provide high trading volumes upon your specific requirements, ensuring your asset will get its desired market valuation.


Without a team of reliable and skilled individuals, a business cannot succeed. We will search for qualified professionals that can make your vision happen.


Headhunting deals with recruiting individuals to fill C-level positions. We will be on the lookout for reputable executives for your business.

Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition refers to the addition of skilled staff that will meet your corporate demands. The marketing and IT team will be prioritized.

Project Advisors

Your business will require insights from industry experts. We will match your company's business model with a team of credible project advisors.


From bottom-up, we will work alongside building your business. From registrations to licenses and copyrights, our team of specialists can assist you.

License Registration

To properly set up your business initiatives, we will provide counsel in terms of licenses, requirements, and procedures for business registration.

PRO Services

Suitable documents and paperwork must be submitted to obtain document clearance and efficient processing. This can reduce operational costs.


You must register your company's trademark to protect and ensure your brand ownership. We offer assistance to international fintech entrepreneurs.


Our auditing experts will provide you with the most comprehensive reports. We have analytic tools and professionals to design compelling and detailed reports.

Exchange Security Audit

Our team of skilled IT professionals is specialized in improving exchange security practices to prevent possible cybersecurity threats and attacks.

Wallet Security Audit

We understand the importance of wallet security and we perform security audits to ensure user protection. Our team specializes in wallet defense.

Blockchain Security Audit

Our blockchain experts are exposed to high-grade blockchain security. We take pride in providing audited blockchain security architecture solutions.

Smart Contract Security Audit

Having reviewed a number of smart contracts for blockchains, we are keen on auditing and decoding the security programmed within your smart contract.

Blockchain Defense Deployment

To deal with any problems relating to your blockchain ecosystem, we will deploy high-level defense solutions tailored to your local conditions.

Blockchain Threat Intelligence

We perceive possible risks through blockchain threat intelligence. We have built a joint defense security system powered by our community partners.

Crypto Market

Our team will assist in establishing your online presence. We will offer correct and updated data to be published on various cryptocurrency information websites.

Add Crypto Asset

To provide cryptocurrency traders a source to track your project's market performance, we will handle the request process in adding your crypto asset.

Add Partner Exchanges

In line with listing your asset to crypto exchanges, we will offer the list of active platforms that regularly handles your trading activities.

Add Market/Pair

Cryptocurrency traders can know the active markets and trading pairs associated to your crypto asset. This can help them in their trading strategies.

Actual Supply Figures

Certified to be true, we will provide the actual total and maximum supply figures for your crypto asset. This will promote transparency for users.

Community Engagement

For the latest updates and happenings about your project, we will disclose the official social media channels and pages to third-party websites.

Current Project Details

We will ensure that project details to be published on your behalf is clear and factual. Any changes such as rebranding will be done accordingly.


We want your company to deliver and maintain the best quality. Our team will provide feedback and analysis that would enhance your website and technical paper.

Project Assessment

Our team of consultants will review your digital footprint and collaterals to ensure that your project is efficiently marketing your offerings.

Quality Assurance

We will maintain the quality level of your project’s website and affiliated documents. We will advise you on how to improve your overall visibility.

Review & Analysis

Through the help of our Marketing and IT specialists, we will review and analyze the design, content, and other technicalities of your project.

Exchange Listing

Listing on exchanges is a very crucial part of any cryptocurrency project. We help our clients in fulfilling all the requirements to list in the top exchanges.

Multiple Listing

With our designated listing coordinator, we can assist you in getting listed in multiple reputable cryptocurrency exchanges at the same time.

Reduced Token Listing Fee

We offer an opportunity for our clients to list their assets on various crypto exchanges by paying token exchange listing fees at a reduced rate.

Accelerated Listing Process

We will directly approach the listing coordinators of your preferred exchange and get your crypto listed at the earliest possible date.

TNC Consulting Services & Solutions
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Consulting
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TNC Consulting Services & Solutions
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to Find Us?
TNC Consulting Services & Solutions
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
TNC Consulting Services & Solutions

Copyright by TNC Consulting Services & Solutions. All rights reserved.

Copyright by TNC Consulting Services & Solutions. All rights reserved.