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Ethan Lee Founder

Founder & CEOEthan Lee

An experienced C-level executive in the IT and fintech industry Ethan ventured into blockchain technology after receiving a primer on Bitcoin from top Korean executives. He worked at Samsung for more than 10 years. Now, he is working passionately to help cryptocurrencies gain mass adoption.

Chief Strategic OfficerG.W Lee

G.W is the Chief Strategy Officer of TNC. He is also the CSO of ABBC Coin. He has been in the cryptocurrency and ICO development scene for over 4 years, and has 6 years of experience in international finance, financial technology, and strategy. As a visionary, GW has founded various initiatives in the blockchain sphere.

Executive DirectorChae Jung Seok

Jung Seok is the Executive Director of TNC. He is a C-level executive with more than 10 years professional experience in personal and corporate management consultancy. He also serves the role as CEO of PCM Consulting Co., CFO of Hventure Holdings (HVH). Jung Seok also proves his credibility in financial planning with an Associate Financial Planner Korea (AFPK) certification.

M&A DirectorRachael Jang

Rachael plays an essential role in gathering blockchain developers as the M&A Director for TNC. Rachael’s cross-cultural exposure and people skills make her efficient in driving TNC’s Crypto M&A program within the international blockchain industry. She also has in-depth technical knowledge of blockchain technology.

M&A ManagerYeri Hong

Yeri is in-charge of TNC Crypto M&A coordination as the M&A Manager. She is a proficient communication professional with more than 4 years of experience in the field. Yeri will be responsible for facilitating the merger process and establishing harmonious relationships with crypto companies worldwide.

M&A LegalLegal

Our group has partnered with a number of legal experts who have decades of combined experience in various corporate and technical aspects including intellectual property, dispute resolution, investment consultancy, and more. To understand more about our policy, please read through this document.

Blockchain DeveloperZohaib Saleem

Zohaib is a Blockchain Developer for TNC Coin. He has proven Coin. his expertise within the crypto industry by showcasing his technical knowledge of the Qt Widgets module and expertise with P2P networks. He is also well-versed in working with solidity language.

Blockchain DeveloperKevin Paris

Kevin is a Blockchain Developer in TNC Coin. He has more than 5 years in the IT Field. He notably served as a back-end and web developer at the Department Science and Technology Department (DOST), a government institution in the Philippines.

Blockchain DeveloperBauyrzhan Yessimov

Bauyrzhan works as a Blockchain Developer for the TNC Coin company. He has a keen knowledge of STL, C++ 11, and proficiency in the Qt Widgets module. He can boast of a strong software development background.

Blockchain DeveloperShahroz Qurashi

Shahroz is a creative Blockchain Developer working for TNC Coin who specialize in game development. Within 4 years, he has sharpened his skills as a Game Designer and Developer by building a wide spectrum of game projects for OZI Technology Group.

Blockchain DeveloperBerik Suyerbayev

Berik is currently working as Blockchain Developer for TNC Coin. He served as an IT Manager at Kazakhmys Corporation for 9 years, while as an IT specialist for Kazakhtelecom JSC for 4 years. He holds a master’s degree in Computer and Information Sciences.

Blockchain DeveloperKevin Deok Ho Kang

Kevin is the CEO and Blockchain Developer for Elamachain. He is the CEO of CBAI. He was also a Blockchain Consultant for Tachyon, a blockchain academy and consulting company based in South Korea. Currently, he is a Development Specialist for TNC IT Group.

Blockchain DeveloperDjamal Gasanov

Djamal is a Blockchain Developer for the PlayFuel platform. He has proved his competency within the blockchain scene through his in-depth knowledge of various blockchain platforms and programming languages such as C++, Python, Java, and Solidity.

Blockchain DeveloperMuhammad Ramzan

Muhammad serves as a Blockchain Developer for TNC Coin. His expertise lies in mobile application development. He worked as a mobile app developer for Credible Solutions, a Pakistan-based IT company. He has also shown great interest in the field of Machine Learning.

Blockchain DeveloperAwais Sakhi

Awais is the CTO of the PlayFuel gaming platform. With over 10 years of experience in the IT field, he took various roles in software programming and blockchain development. He enhanced his technical expertise by starting as a professional PHP developer.
Ramees Raja

Blockchain DeveloperRamees Raja

Ramees works for ADN Coin and counts over 5 years of experience in UI/UX and front-end development. He is an experienced web designer for various companies such as Town Technologies & Beegains Technology Solutions.
Adilzhan Mukhamediyev

Blockchain DeveloperAdilzhan Mukhamed

Adilzhan Mukhamediyev is the lead developer for the Homeros platform. He has gained 6 years of significant experience in the fintech industry as a full-stack developer. He specializes in C++, Java, and Solidity programming languages. He is a techie interested in blockchain and gaming.

Blockchain DeveloperSultan Mehmood

Sultan works as a blockchain developer for TNC Coin. As a previous Senior Technical Support Specialist, he was well-exposed managing servers at Bit College. He also took the role of Software Engineer for Carbon8 pvt Ltd, a company based in Pakistan.

Blockchain DeveloperUsman Nasir

Usman is a Blockchain Developer for TNC Coin with 6 years of professional IT experience. He has proven professional experience as a network administrator at Rozar Technology. He previously an IT specialist in Abacus Consulting. He also specialize in maintaining computer systems.

Blockchain DeveloperKwang Ho Heo

Kwang Ho is an experienced blockchain engineer for Sigmachain. As a PM, he built a Samsung mobile multimedia layer solution for Samsung Mobile Project. He also developed Samsung Mobile Android App, Hyundai MOBIS ARHUD electronic parts, and an ETRI medical 3D printer S/W.
Kanagaraj Durai

Blockchain DeveloperKanagaraj Durai

Kanagaraj is a Blockchain Developer for ABBC Coin. He has been in the software programming & development scene for 10 years. He was also the lead engineer for software development firms such as Ilanji Infotech, Object-Frontier Software, and Salzer Technologies.

Blockchain DeveloperArthur Mingard

Arthur holds the leading role of CTO in EDGE. He has proven expertise in machine learning technologies and decentralized environments, and in multi-agent technologies. Arthur is a blockchain developer proficient in Node.js, Python, PHP, and Go languages.

Blockchain DeveloperYerkin Tungatarov

Yerkin is a blockchain developer for Homeros. He is responsible for the development of the Homeros gaming mainnet. He is an expert in programming languages like Solidity, Python, and JavaScript. For 7 years, he has been involved in various blockchain initiatives.

Blockchain DeveloperJames Lambie

James is a renowned Senior Engineer at EDGE. He is highly skilled in software and data architecture. He held notable positions such as Lead Developer for BBC Worldwide and Barclays bank, and as a Senior Developer at Synergy International.

Blockchain DeveloperAdeel Riaz

Adeel is a Blockchain Developer TNC Coin. He has gained notable experience in working as a developer for the National Information Technology Board (NITB), a branch of the Pakistan Government. He took up professional blockchain training from Miranz Technologies (Pvt.) Limited.

Blockchain DeveloperPratik Solanki

Pratik works as a Blockchain Developer at MindDeft with 5 years of IT field experience. He has developed a blockchain-based document management system. He is well-versed in blockchain integration as well as Phyton/Django, NodeJS, and ReactJS languages.

Blockchain DeveloperMin Jung Park

Min Jung works as a Blockchain Developer in Sigmachain. She has developed a number of applications for Samsung CDMA, UMTS, and Android phones. She also worked on the sales system maintenance for the Korea Expressway Corporation.

Blockchain DeveloperKuanysh Amanzholov

Kuanysh is a Blockchain Developer for the Homeros gaming mainnet. He has in-depth expertise in multiple blockchain and programming languages, including C++, Solidity, and Java. With more than 4 years as a blockchain developer, he also stands out in the gaming industry.

Blockchain DeveloperRagavendra Raja

Ragavandra serves as the Blockchain Developer in the TNC Coin. He gained over 3 years of professional experience as an IT engineer in Sysvine Technologies, a Fintech company in India. He has also been a crypto and blockchain enthusiast for the past years.

Blockchain DeveloperViktor Fero

Viktor is a Senior Engineer in EDGE whose role focuses on the services layers development of the stack. His technical prowess lies in microservice architectures, load balancing, and blockchain technologies. Viktor used to head the technical department at Nike before.

Blockchain DeveloperErnis Aidaraliev

Ernis is a blockchain developer in PlayFuel with expertise in blockchain integration and decentralized ecosystem structures. He is knowledgeable of various programming languages and well-versed in smart contract monitoring, software design, and front-end design.

Blockchain DeveloperJang Han Kim

Jang Han is a part of the blockchain development team in Sigmachain. He is a skilled programmer with 9 years of experience in C++, C#, and JAVA. Chromium, a customized open-source project and a vision inspection system development are his most notable achievements.

Blockchain DeveloperSeung Wook Kim

Seung Wook is a professional developer in Sigmachain with more than 20 years of experience. He handled mobile banking technical support and development for Citibank and Shinhan Bank. He also used to serve as Project Manager and developer in Awasoft.

Blockchain DeveloperSami Ali

Sami is a Blockchain Developer at GGTS. He previously worked as Project Manager at JLD International and SQA Engineer at Reactive Space. Having held team lead positions before, he demonstrates good team coordination on top of expertly coding using C++ language.

Blockchain DeveloperSurya Pratap

Surya is an experienced Blockchain Developer within ADN Coin. He has been developing systems and software for clients across various Asian countries for 6 years. He was also a software engineer at Nihilent Technologies, a global consulting and services company.

Blockchain DeveloperManoj Dhanak

Manoj is a seasoned Back-end Developer working for MindDeft. He has notably handled the development of the CRM products with complex modules. His area of expertise lies in PHP, Python/Django, NodeJS, ReactJS, and other back-end frameworks.

Blockchain DeveloperJi Hoon Han

Ji Joon is a manager in the development team for Sigmachain. He is a well-experienced Java developer who has built systems for system integration projects for a number of companies like Daegyo, Hanwha E&C, Shinhan Bank, Samsung Electronics, Hyundai card, SK planet, and Naver.

Blockchain DeveloperCharles Lee

Charles is the Chief Technology Officer of Yapchain. A key person in the blockchain technology development in Yapchain. He is also the CTO of a Singapore-based CLC Foundation. Moreover, he holds the position of CEO for X4Chain Inc. and Centralway, Inc.

Blockchain DeveloperWon Jae Hee

Jae Hee is a Blockchain Engineer and Planning Director for Elamachain Foundation. He specializes in Algorithm Development, Blockchain Development and ICO Planning. He previously worked as Blockchain Technology Officer and Software Architect in Tachyon.

Blockchain DeveloperMukesh Makwana

Mukesh is an experienced Senior Blockchain Developer in MindDeft. He is exposed to working on Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, Python/Django, ReactJS, and Angular. He is also proficient in cloud-based solutions including AWS and Azure.

Blockchain DeveloperUsman Nofal

Usman is a seasoned Blockchain Developer at Reactive Space. Proficient in software development, common algorithms, and data structures. Usman is also well-equipped with blockchain security skills such as elliptic curve digital signatures and public and private key cryptography.

Blockchain DeveloperKrunal Soni

Krunal serves as a Senior Blockchain Architecture Consultant in MindDeft. He earns 5-years of technical experience with a focus on blockchain consulting and architecture. He has worked on various blockchain protocols like Ethereum, Multichain, Quorum, and R3 Corda.

Blockchain DeveloperDong Seok Baek

Dong Seok is a programmer in Sigmachain who has 14 years of experience. He previously worked for Enkia. He took an integral part in development projects such as the Hwadam system, a new video platform, an information security portal, and a road technology integrated database project.
Raja Sekar

Blockchain DeveloperRaja Sekar

Raja is a blockchain developer for PlayFuel. His work mainly focuses on reviewing technological design, controlling, and supporting the entire blockchain architecture. As a blockchain advocate, he dedicates his technical and analytical skills in this field.

Blockchain DeveloperPratik Limbachiya

Pratik is a Senior Blockchain Developer in MindDeft. Working on the blockchain industry for more than 3 years, he became an expert in smart contracts architecture. He is capable of handling projects like Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum, and NodeJS.

Blockchain DeveloperKyung Ho Je

Kyung Ho programs blockchain-based web services for Sigmachain. He is a professional web programmer who has built programs for various industries such as government offices, shopping malls, and manufacturing process systems. Both JSP and PHP languages are his expertise.

Blockchain DeveloperHaris Majeed

Haris is a Blockchain Developer at GGTS. He is highly skilled in web development, system analysis, and large codebases. Haris is also an expert in programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, and Solidity. He is also interested in the Qt Widgets module.

Blockchain DeveloperYash Shah

Yash is a Blockchain Developer in MindDeft. He has proven experience in working with Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric, and Corda protocols. He is highly-skilled in programming smart contracts and protocols for various companies in this industry.
Roman Makarov

Blockchain DeveloperRoman Makarov

Roman is a highly-experienced tech lead in the Homeros network. He led the Technical Department of Qazkom Bank in Kazakhstan for over 3 years. He currently manages the execution of all Homeros development and is responsible for the success of the internal development team.

Security EngineerMohammad Waleed

Waleed is a highly-skilled Server Security Engineer for TNC Coin. He has a demonstrated history in managing, monitoring, and maintaining servers for enterprise-level companies in Dubai for 5 years. He shows expertise in handling Linux operating systems.

Security EngineerJean-Luc Thiebaut

Jean-Luc is an experienced Senior Engineer working in EDGE. He holds exceptional technical skills in load balancing of Nginx, containerization, and in handling multi-agent technology. He has led projects such as BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon and the 2012 London Olympics.

Security EngineerEdison Esberto

Edison is a Security Engineer in TNC Coin. He is skilled with computer networks and can implement robust security protocols. He has proven his IT expertise by being a qualified instructor in the University of Perpetual Help Philippines.

Security EngineerEldho Jacob

Eldho is a Server Security Engineer in ADN Coin. He is a systems architect and a gaming enthusiast that focuses on large distributed systems and security. He became competent in the e-commerce and technology industry while in Innovative Solution and DigiCall Teleservices.

Security EngineerVivek N.V

Vivek currently serves as the Security Engineer for ABBC Coin. Gaining skills and professional experience, he spent 3 years in the cybersecurity sector as a security architect. He also maintains the cybersecurity system of his family business in his home country.

Security EngineerAdam K Deam

Adam is a Principal Network Engineer at EDGE. He has an extensive background as a Full-stack Developer and is experienced in systems administration. For the past 7 years, he has been involved with containerizations and took part in projects such as Deis, Docker, and Rancher.

Security EngineerUlfath Ali

Ulfath Ali is a Server Security Engineer in ADN Coin. He has gained professional experience in systems and application security. He is also well-versed in Linux OS, as he once worked as a Unix Linux Administrator. He is also qualified to work on different operating systems.

Security EngineerTae Hyun Hwang

Tae Hyun manages servers, network security, and computer systems in Sigmachain. He is a seasoned server engineer with 8 years of experience in server monitoring and IT. He built and maintained server systems for about 150 local councils in Seoul, Gangwon, and Daegu in Korea.

Quality Assurance EngineerBilal Abbas

Bilal Abbas is the Quality Assurance Engineer of GGTS. Heworks closely with the developers to maintain and ensure the quality of all blockchain-based projects. He has 3 years of experience as a QA Analyst, which involves checking platforms using Java and Jenkins.

Application DeveloperPil Soun Kang

Pil Soun is the Application Developer of Yapchain. He earned 24 years of professional experience in the IT industry. He developed a blockchain core and a digital wallet. He has registered a number of blockchain development projects which accounts as his achievement.
Alexei Tershukov

Application DeveloperAlexei Tershukov

Alexei is a full-stack developer for Playfuel. He has proven expertise in the gaming industry for over 3 years. As a skill set, he knows front-end and back-end languages. He is also exposed to databases (MySQL, MongoDB), web servers and UI/UX designs.

Application DeveloperEun Jung Choe

Eun Jung currently works as an application developer in Sigmachain. He has 4 years of professional experience as an application developer. He has built a number of team-social networking applications for Android and iOS. In Sun&Moon, his focus was on developing programs for cybersecurity.

Application DeveloperJung Kyu Hwang

Jung Kyu is a seasoned developer working for Sigmachain. He developed various smartphone applications with Android Java technology. He also has hands-on experience in developing mobile phone software for Samsung CDMA, GSM, P2P connectivity, and UMTS specifications.

Application DeveloperDaniel An

Daniel An is the Chief Data Officer and Application Developer of YapChain. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, a reputable academy in South Korea. He earned his master’s degree from Tsinghua University of China.

Front-End DeveloperUsman Baloch

Usman is a skilled Front-End Developer for Reactive Space. He is adept in web design and a number of programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, Golang, and PHP. Usman is an analytic individual who has proven expertise in cryptography, HTML, UI/UX, and CSS.

Application DeveloperIslamzhan Abdurakh

Islamzhan is a blockchain developer for Homeros with more than 4 years of programming experience. He is proficient in web development. He is well-versed in Python, PHP, C++, and Javascript. He is a passionate gamer who has a penchant for technology and blockchain.

Application DeveloperByung Chul Hwang

Byung Chul is an Application Developer for Sigmachain. He has 4 years of programming experience and is trained in coding PHP and JavaScript on PHP Codeigniter. Currently, he is the person-in-charge for SEE U, a Web REC-based video chatting application.

Application DeveloperRamaraj S

Ram is an Application Developer working for ABBC Coin. He dedicated three years of his professional life to developing different kinds of applications for Android and iOS. He previously worked as an Android Developer at Decipher Health Solutions and Laptop Kollexions.

Application DeveloperKarthick Sharan

Karthick is an experienced Developer within Homeros Gaming Mainnet. He holds vast experience as a Front-End Developer for prestigious companies such as Intel Corporation. He has also proven his expertise in various JavaScript frameworks such as Node.js and Angular.js.

Application DeveloperAhsan Sajjad

Ahsan is a skilled iOS Developer in GGTS. He worked as a senior QA engineer for over 3 years, and he has expertise in manual testing for mobile applications. He also architected complex software systems and developed UX designs for international fintech companies.

Application DeveloperMin Kyu Park

Min Kyu is a specialized Android App Developer at Sigmachain. He has experience in working on website development and e-government framework projects. He codes in ASP, PHP, and JAVA script languages. Recently, he developed and maintained an ASP-based groupware system.

Application DeveloperNoor Khan

Noor works as a Front-End Developer at Reactive Space. He is highly experienced in PHP back-end development. Noor is proficient in Ruby, Python, and Java. He is also an expert in writing efficient and safe multithreaded codes. He always exceeds customer expectations.

Application DeveloperMariz Leira

Mariz is a gaming enthusiast working for Playfuel. She is an iOS Developer with a focus on UX/UI design. As a meticulous developer, she ensures a user-friendly interface with seamless transitions. She is also capable of bug fixing and app maintenance.

Application DeveloperBinal Mehta

Binal is a skillful Web Developer with a creative flair working for Bitether team. She has proven his expertise in matters such as video editing and website design for the past 2 years. She is an asset for any marketing team given his visual and digital design skills.

Application DeveloperMohamed Ashik

Mohamed is a skilled Developer in Homeros Gaming Mainnet. With more than 4 years of experience in the IT field, he also holds a notable ability for blockchain tech development. Prior to joining Homeros, he worked as a Front-end Developer at MEQULS Technologies in India.

Application DeveloperSyed Murtaz

Syed is a Full-Stack Developer in Reactive Space. With more than 4 years of experience as a computer programmer, he is proficient in both front & back-end coding. He is also experienced working with open-source projects and skilled in C++, Java, & JavaScript languages.

Application DeveloperGun Hee Yoon

Gun Hee is an iOS Application Developer in Sigmachain. She has 4 years of notable experience and earned a good portfolio of iOS application projects for Japanese organizations. She developed apps for projects hosted by the Japan Volleyball Asteam-sociation, Shiseido, and MIA.

Application DeveloperTalha Hanif

Talha is a versatile Android Developer working for GGTS. He has been designing and developing advanced applications for Android for many years. He is proficient in unit-testing codes for app improvement including edge cases and general usability, as well as fixing bugs.

Application DeveloperAkash Aaron

Akash is a professional Developer with over 3 years of experience. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and is an expert in front-end development. He also specialized in using web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. He also knows back-end development.

Application DeveloperWaleed Qureshi

Waleed is a veteran Back-End Developer working for Reactive Space. He is an experienced professional with vast knowledge in PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Codeigniter, and Zend framework. Waleed also holds expert knowledge in cryptography & specific blockchain protocols.

Application DeveloperVikas Maurya

Vikas is an experienced Web Developer part of the Bitether development team. He has fundamental proficiency in web development and excellent knowledge in PHP and SQL programming languages. He gained 3 years of working experience utilizing the above-mentioned skills.

Marketing SpecialistYahya Pooladan

Yahya is a Marketing Specialist for TNC Coin. He utilizes his exposure to the principles of blockchain technology and distributed systems to write technical marketing copies that educate the community. He also holds a degree in Hardware Engineering.

Marketing SpecialistAriff Budiman

Ariff is one of the Marketing Specialists in the ABBC Coin. He has 5 years of experience in branding, online and offline marketing, backlink creation, and campaign promotions. He is responsible for generating relevant content and editorial calendars for TNC Coin.

Marketing SpecialistMeruyert Aimenova

Meruyert is an experienced Marketing Specialist in TNC Coin. She is competent in marketing management, marketing strategy, market research, and traditional marketing. Furthermore, she is a graduate of KIMEP University.

Marketing SpecialistAljona Kolesnikovich

Aljona is a Marketing Specialist in ABBC Coin. She has 3 years of experience in marketing with expertise in authority link building, forum post creation, and email marketing. She lays out closed-loop analytics with sales and refines processes for customer conversion.

Marketing SpecialistAidana Asanalieva

Aidana is a Digital Marketing Specialist for ADN. She is a Native Russian-speaker who manages all team-social media accounts with a focus on the Russian digital community. She also serves as a coordinator for other external Russian blockchain companies and start-ups.

Marketing SpecialistNimish Parekh

Nimish is a Senior UI/UX Consultant in MindDeft. He is a key person for decentralized application development. His main technical skills revolve around Adobe XD, Figma, Photoshop, Canvas Animation, and 3D Animation.

Finance SpecialistIndira Suleimenova

Indira is a Finance Specialist in TNC Coin. She has been working in Central Asia for 6 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics, specializing in Banking Management. Indira also proved her expertise by working in QAZKOM, Kazkommertsbank JSC, bank for 4 years.

Digital DesignerSoo Yeon Lee

Soo Yeon is an IT Planner in Sigmachain with more than 13 years of experience. She took part in planning Only on Jeju Yongam soo, Namyang E-Commerce, and Lotte Internet DutyFree IT projects. She also did planning for Samsung Fire & Marine, Kiwoom Securities, and Korea Investment & Securities.

Digital DesignerJea Nam Song

Jae Nam is a Designer in Sigmachain. She previously worked for Shinhan Investment Corp as an all-around designer and Samsung Securities to design information management and financial transaction procedures. She is also a highly-skilled UX/UI designer of websites and mobile apps.

Digital DesignerDae Beom Kim

Dae Beom is currently a Digital Designer in Sigmachain. He was the overall designer for GrampGaming Ltd. and has previously worked with Gom TV and Yahoo Korea. His expertise lies in general web design and mobile applications.

Marketing SpecialistMariem Sarhali

Mariem is a Digital Marketing Executive for ADN. She has 4 years of digital marketing experience and handles digital marketing reports. She also serves as a representative of ADN to media organizations, Arabic-speaking partners, and other external affairs.

Digital DesignerSeon Min Lee

Seon Min is a specialized Product Designer for Sigmachain. She is a highly-qualified UX/IU designer. She also held various roles in the design field, she is the global visual designer for Millenium Inc., a brand designer for C.Side Korea and a web designer for

Digital DesignerMi Jin Park

Mi Jin is a web designer for Sigmachain. She specializes in web standards, bootstrap, HTML5, mobile apps, and website development projects. She built websites for Hanyang University’s career portal, World Youth Nature Love Festival, and International Firefighting Exhibition.

Marketing SpecialistAbygail Franco

Abygail is a Digital Marketing Specialist in ADN. She is a blockchain technology-savvy marketer who knows the ins and outs of ADN ecosystem. She also helps in handling all technical support and inquiries from various ADN official team-social media channels.

Marketing SpecialistFaizan Ali

Faizan is the Marketing Specialist in TNC Coin. He is highly skilled in planning and executing campaigns as well as reporting analytics. He is also a Google-certified digital marketer who has shown prowess in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Google Display Ads.

Digital DesignerRida Anees

Rida is an experienced Digital Marketing Executive for TNC Coin. She has more than 6 years of experience in handling digital campaigns for multiple international companies. She is highly-skilled in campaign execution and keyword planning through competitive research.

Digital DesignerJung Beom Kim

Jung Beom is a well-versed designer at Sigmachain. He is a skilled digital designer with over 10 years of experience in both website development and design. He worked for a startup company, where he worked on a great number of new websites for various projects and organizations.

Planning SpecialistSang Hyun Kang

He is the Planning Director of Sigmachain. He held was the head of planning in blockchain projects such as the establishment of an ICO platform, a crypto exchange, and an e-commerce platform. He also worked on planning strategies for Samsung Korea Investment & Securities and Samsung Securities.

Planning SpecialistSeung Hyun Ko

Seung Hyun is greatly involved as an IT Planner at Sigmachain. He gained 4 years of professional experience in planning. He has built a great track record in working on projects with Samsung Electrical & Electronics,, Lotte DutyFree, and Samsung Securities.

Planning SpecialistJin Young Shin

Jin Young is an IT Planner for Sigmachain. She has more than 15 years of experience in the field and has launched various projects. Some of her noteworthy IT projects are SayCupid, Story Video, and Social Market Place App. In addition, she also built LG Telecom’s CMS and music portal.

Our Advisor

Let us introduce you to the team that will make it all happen
Bogie is the Vice President of Liberland, a blockchain-powered. micronation. He has over 35 years of career experience in diverse fields such as foreign trade, transportation safety, and held leadership positions in several American & Polish firms.
Dinis is an influential figure in most blockchain, AI, and fintech circles. He is the founder of ztudium, a blockchain and AI research firm. He is a writer and a thinker who advises governments, organizations, and universities in the said topics.
Peter is a Fund and ICO Advisor who has over 30 years of experience. He co-founded JOINto, C6 Advisor, JP Integra, to name a few. He is currently an active advisor for other companies such as Aryze, Modex, X8 Currency, Covesting, and more.
Dr. Wolfgang is the owner and CEO of GLOBRA group handling GLBrain, a ledger-based system managing online communities. He has held leading positions in various industries, from international trading to banking logistics. He is a serial entrepreneur in the field of internet and blockchain.
Pete is the Co-Founder of Market Rebellion, a trading platform. He is also a public figure who stars CNBC’s Halftime Report to broadcast financial investment and trading expertise. He is also into sports; previously playing as an Ex-NFL linebacker.
Aseh has been working for the corporate world since 2011. He has previously held positions as the Chairman of Pos Malaysia and President of Putrajaya Corporation. In 2015, he was appointed as the non-executive Chairman of Fujitsu Sdn Bhd.
Shawn is the Managing Director Head of Private Equity at Alexander Capital LLC. He has 20+ years of experience. He leads Blockchain and Crypto Ventures at the ACVM. He served as a MD at Rafferty Capital, a VP at the Jefferies Group, a VP at Merrill Lynch.
Sahil is an international lawyer specializing in business, investment, and international laws; fintech; and dispute resolution. He also previously worked as General Counsel of market-leading conglomerates in the Middle East and India.
Dongkyu is a representative attorney of Dong-Gwang, a leading law firm in Seoul, Korea. He served as head Judge of Seoul Central District Court. He also experienced being a legal advisor and external director for various companies.
Fernando is a renowned technology adviser for many tech projects. He worked in leadership roles for companies like MBA Group, Datalytyx and Kantar Media. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Naoris Cyber Blockchain.

AdvisorJack Liao

An angel investor and an early Bitcoin advocate, Jack is the Founder of Bitcoin Gold. He is also the CEO of LightningASIC, a Hong Kong-based crypto mining equipment manufacturer, as well as Sponsor of and
Lata is a qualified British Barrister and Vice Chairman of the Austro British Chamber of commerce. She is an accomplished technical lawyer specializing in AI, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency legal cases.
Jorge is a CTO and advisor who is vastly knowledgeable in blockchain, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. Jorge offers consultancy to several innovative startups and is a regular speaker at international tech conferences.
Rob is the CEO and Founder of Goldfingr, a virtual exclusive membership club for investing, business, and the arts. He is also an angel investor who has been part of various successful enterprises in different industries such as oil & gas, commodities, heavy equipment, art, and M&A.
Kien is the Managing Partner of BDLAW, a firm that specializes in intellectual property. He has 20 years of experience in business, investment, mergers & acquisitions, and finance. He now delves into a number of fintech and crypto projects in Vietnam.
Jillian is a blockchain advocate and crypto journalist. She is Editor-in-Chief in Liberland Press and Co-Founder of She was an advisor to a number of ICOs and was part of the 50 most influential women in the blockchain industry.
Sydney is a man of many trades and a master in all of them. He is the Founder of and other crypto news sites. He is sought after by many crypto firms as an advisor and ambassador like Exrates,, Playgame, etc.

AdvisorHideo ITO

Hideo Ito is most known for being a Political Advisor to Japanese Prime Minister Shinjo Abe. He is affiliated with JPC Crypto Exchange, Japan Power Corporation (JPC), Nagoya Rotary Club, and JTOP Distribution Group.
Hideo Ito is most known for being a Political Advisor Lee is the Korea Representative Director for Rothschild Auster Fund Management. He is also a researcher at Hanyang University Blockchain Institute. Lee is respected in the field of education, business, and finance in Korea.
Mr. Hagihara holds leadership roles such as Board Member of Japan Crypto Study Group, Advisor to Osaka Business Association, Board Member of Unesco Japan, and Researcher for the Parliamentarian of the US Senate for Japanese Diet.
Dr. Mohamed M. Al Ali is the Founder & CEO of Smart Inspiration UAE Training. As part of Human Resources for the Dubai Government, he led applied HR services into SMART city programs. He also serves as the Senior Analyst Advisor of Blockchain Technology for the government.


Kazuhisa SAKAMOTO is a reputable consultant and CEO of Kazu Consulting Group. He holds the title of Honorable Advisor for Japan Mabuhay Club in the Philippines. He is also a valuable member of the Parliamentary Blockchain and Crypto Research Group.
Chiam is an entrepreneur who offers BPO solutions for different industries such as banking and finance, insurance, payment system and software support, etc. He is also affiliated with many business associations that are based in Malaysia.
Warren KD Lee
Warren is the CEO of KITIA, and he previously took leadership positions such as Vice Mayor for International Affairs at Daegu, Consul General at the Korean Consulate in Nagoya, and Minister for Economic Affairs in the Korean Embassy in China.
Misha Hanin
Misha is the CEO & Co-Founder of DeepDive, Tech CEO & Co-Founder of iRangers International Inc. He is also the CTO of CM Softworks Inc., and Co-Founder & Senior Solutions Architect of Wex Computing Solutions Ltd.
Rohit is the Founder, Chairman, and Head of R&D in Rosebay Group ever since its creation in 2014. He specializes in value chain analysis and strategic alignment. His current research consists of cryptographic security and machine learning techniques for logistics systems.

AdvisorDamion Way

Damion is a lawyer who currently serves as Legal Counsel for firms such as Hunter Corp Records and FocusCore Myanmar, as well as General Manager of Mercury GSE. He is also the private lawyer of high-net-worth individuals in the Asia-Pacific.
George is a Board Member and chief spokesman for Mile Unity Foundation, an organization that educates groups regarding blockchain. He also co-founded various firms, including Karma, a P2P loans network, and other Russian-based organizations.
Aghiath is an established executive who has over 20 years of experience in leading corporations and startups. He is the CEO of Seecra, and he writes for Intelligenthq, BIZCATALYST360, Open Business Council, and HedgeThink.
As a former IT sales executive, Hidetoshi Nakano is an expert in various tech systems such as IoT and blockchain. He is the Representative Lawyer of Grow-will International Law Firm, a Japan-based firm that offers corporate legal and blockchain insights.
Ricky is a corporate guru who worked at the Office of the Ruler of Dubai. He invested in various companies such as BuyBack Bazaar, Qopper, etc. He was also awarded one of the Top 10 employees across Middle East & South Asia by Standard Chartered Bank.
Jason Daniel Paul Philip is the Founder and CEO of ABBC Coin. For almost six years, he took the role of CEO for Elcotel SDN BHD in Malaysia. He also has over 8 years of experience as a highly-skilled programmer in the IT industry.
Kenichiro Fukushima is a Japan-based financial expert. He was a former executive in Mizuho Bank and Tokyo Verdy Holdings. He was also the CEO of Cross Language Inc. (a Machine Translation Company) and Japan Digital Information Display Inc. He served as a Japanese Parliamentarian from 2009-2012.
Farhang is the Head of Technical Delivery at Finterra. He has a total of 20 years of professional experience as a software engineer working in different industries around the world such as Malaysia, India, Singapore, the UK, UAE, Turkey, and Iraq.
Shinozaki started having a particular interest in blockchain in 2014. He takes the title of CEO at BlockNet and Co-CEO at CTIA in Korea. His professional exposure and experiences makes him a valuable member of an extensive blockchain network in Japan.
Yasuhiro Kasai is a former Executive Officer of bitFlyer Co., Ltd, the biggest crypto exchange in Japan. He also held various leadership roles at AEON Financial Service Co., Ltd including CTO, Head of Overseas Operations, to name a few.
Ismael Malik is a blockchain R&D and Tokenization Strategist. He is the Editor-in-Chief of ICO CROWD and CEO & Founder of BlockchainLab. He also offers expert insight to blockchain-based organizations such as ChainX and SmartLedger.
Jong baek is a lawyer of TMT team at Bae Kim & Lee in Seoul. He heads the open-source team as Partner of Linux Openchain Project. He worked in Richards Butler in London and Hong Kong. He is also an advisor to various funding and blockchain projects.
Dr. Usman is the CEO & Founder of DUC Consulting International. He’s also taken advisory roles at Aspire World Investments, Locus Chain MENA, Event Factory, Skillz Middle East, Datamatix Group, Ajman University, Al Ain University of Science and Technology, and more.
Chen is a respected political and enterprise leader. He is currently the Senior Advisor for Fujian Putian Charity Federation, as well as chairman of organizations such as the National People’s Party, Family Exchange Promotion Association Taiwan, and more.
Saber, a Tunisian media pundit, is the CEO & Founder of VVIP, a blockchain-based social network. He also provides pro bono humanitarian service to IMSAM and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) as Special Advisor on Media Development.
William has managed FinTech businesses for 30 years. He also served as a Corporate Director for various public listed companies. He co-created the earliest mobile digital wallets and developed a blockchain messaging app TiENCHAT— as the Founder of TiENPay.
Praneet Kumar
Praneet is a corporate lawyer who founded Praneet Kumar & Association in 2009. He is also the co-founder of one of the largest impact organizations in the blockchain industry. He avidly supports emerging technologies and innovation by investing in tech startups.

AdvisorLe Huy Hoa

Mr. Le Huy is Founder of BitCoin+ Vietnam Communities and other Vietnamese crypto projects. He makes regular guesting in news outlets such as the BBC and Vietnam Television (VTV). He is also a medical doctor, IT engineer, and an AI expert.
Imrankhan Nagori is Founder and CEO of Bitether eSolutions and ICO Data World. He serves as the CMD & Chief Editor for Crypto World Talk. He is also a Director for Crypto Business at Musicoin Foundation.
Mr. Lee is a publisher for World Korean Paper, a media working with Beijing Bureau Chief of Donga Daily Paper. He is an advisory member of Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association and a Policy Advisory member who contributes to the Presidential Advisory Group.
Jonathan is the Managing Director and the Head of Investment Banking at Alexander Capital Ventures Management. He handled public equity and debt financings, restructurings, M&A, and SPACS within technology, media and entertainment, and specialty finance industries.