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Business Establishment

TNC Teams expands its services in the field of business establishment. We will work with you alongside your business. Our team of experts offers you services ranging from registrations to license to copyrights, altering how your business works which can change the entities and the flow of transactions.

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Tnc Teams Business Establishment Services

With TNC Teams, you can turn your business into a decentralized platform, altering how your business works. This can change the entities and the flow of transactions.


License Registration

The first and foremost legal requirement for starting a business is to obtain a business license. Most firms must register for a trade license, which will allow them to operate a blockchain-based business. At TNC Teams, we can assist you with the know-hows of licenses in setting up your business initiatives in the most efficient manner. We can also assist you with all the requirements and procedures needed for business registration.


Pro Services

Efficient and effective document control today means automated, digitized processes. You can cut operational costs by adopting a digital document management strategy. With TNC Teams, you can effortlessly search, locate, analyze, organize, send, receive, and otherwise manage electronic files. On the contrary, manual document management must physically sort and maintain records, which demands a lot of time.


Trademarks/ Copyrights

FinTech has made it easier for people to use their funds to make investments and make a flourishing business out of it. Trademark protection in FinTech is crucial. There is no agreement when it comes to reputation in the financial sector. One must register its company’s trademark to defend and ensure brand ownership. We offer assistance from our experts to international fintech entrepreneurs.

Why Choose Tnc Teams For Business Establishment Services?

TNC Teams is committed to delivering results. We fulfill our obligations, no matter how complex the project is. You can rely on TNC Teams when it comes to business establishment services.


Get Your License Faster

We expedite and make it easier for you to start up your business, within days. Accelerate your business setup with TNC Teams modern technology. We even handle all of your paperwork for you.


Dedicated Relationship Manager

Receive guidance on the actions to follow after the initial phase from your dedicated relationship manager. We ensure you are in compliance with regulations to renewing your license and visa.


24-Hour Customer Support

TNC Teams’ support will respond to you on any channel. Our team of knowledgeable customer care representatives will provide a solution to resolve any issue you may have.


End-to-end Solution

Our range of corporate services simplifies the entire process from setup to scaling up. We can manage your accounts, insurance, IT, and mail management needs, create a business account, and register for VAT.


Our Track Record

We have a backlog of satisfied crypto and blockchain clients going all the way back to 2017. We have an esteemed list of clients who are our loyal customers with over 40% being top-tier brands.


Our Industry Expertise

Your cryptocurrency and blockchain projects will stand out from the competition thanks to our business and technology expertise. We value updating our team with the most relevant tech out there.

Tnc Teams Business Establishment Process

We help businesses of any scale to understand blockchain, determine how the technology can be shaped based on business needs, and develop a strategic approach to add value.

Market Research

TNC Teams will help you locate clients for your firm through market research. Analyzing your competition can help you differentiate your company.

Identify Your Business Plan

Your company’s business plan serves as a guide for organizing, managing, and expanding a new company. With TNC Teams, we help you do just that.

Business Funding

Setting up a business requires sufficient funds. In case you do not have the needed capital, our team will offer strategies to find other ways to monetize your business.

Business Structure

With our extensive research, we help you analyze your tax obligations and business registration procedures.



01. What is the process for establishing a business with TNC Teams?

TNC offers a streamlined process for business establishment, starting with consultation and planning, followed by blockchain development, legal and financial assistance, and ongoing support.

02. Can TNC Teams assist with legal and regulatory compliance for my business?

Yes, TNC Teams has legal experts who can guide you through the legal and regulatory requirements for your business, ensuring compliance and minimizing risks.

03. Does TNC Teams provide financing options for the business establishment?

TNC Teams does not provide direct financing but can assist you in finding suitable financing options through our network of financial partners.

04. Can TNC Teams help with branding and marketing for my business?

Yes, TNC Teams offers branding and marketing services to help your business establish a strong brand identity and reach your target audience effectively.

05. What types of businesses does TNC Teams specialize in establishing?

TNC Teams has experience in establishing various types of businesses, including but not limited to blockchain startups, fintech companies, e-commerce businesses, and software development organizations. Our team is equipped to handle diverse industries and niches.