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Conference And Events Management Services

TNC Teams Consulting Services and Solutions offers conference and events management services for your organization. Our expert team will guide you in planning, preparing, setting up, and marketing your conference. We will handle all from the preparatory work until the execution.

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Planning Your Conference

With TNC Teams, we will help you plan your conference from the ground up. We will take away logistical challenges so you can concentrate on other crucial aspects of the conference.
We will take care of general logistical matters such as

  • Venue Choice
  • Government Permits
  • Floor Planning
  • And More

Preparing For Your Conference

With TNC Teams, we will prepare all the necessary documents for you to secure the smooth flow of your conference. It is highly recommended that you seek professional guidance since the required licenses and permits can vary depending on the type of event.
We will obtain the following from the relevant authorities

  • Necessary Event Licenses
  • Necessary Event Permits

Marketing Your Conference

TNC Teams has in-house marketing experts that will help you advertise your conference and company as effectively as possible. We will design booths, standees, banners, printed materials, stage backdrops, and more.
Our marketers will

  • Design Promotional Material
  • Promote Your Company And Brand Online
  • Spread Your Message Effectively Through The Appropriate Channels
  • And More

Setting Up Your Conference

Once all the planning and preparations are done, TNC Teams will assist you in setting up the conference. We will bring in our extensive network of partners to help you achieve a thriving conference.
TNC Teams will help in the background and execution of the conference through

  • Announcements & Ticket Sales
  • Building The Venue
  • Onsite Check-ins And Badging
  • Speaker Management
  • Sponsor/exhibitor Management

Past Events

Dubai Festival Arena, Dubai March 25-26, 2022

World Live Streamers Conference

The WLSC was the biggest live streaming conference of 2022 – with 30,000 attendees and 500+ influencers and speakers from the blockchain and crypto industry.

Dubai Festival Arena, Dubai March 25-26, 2022

World Metaverse Conference

The WMC was the biggest metaverse-related conference of 2022, filled with conference sessions and networking events with top thought-leaders and pioneers in the industry.


01. What is conference management?

Crypto conference management refers to the process of organizing and managing conferences related to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and other related topics.

02. What kind of logistical matters does TNC Teams take care of in conference planning?

TNC Teams takes care of general logistical matters such as venue choice, government permits, floor planning, and more.

03. Can TNC Teams help with obtaining the necessary licenses and permits for events?

Yes, TNC Teams will prepare all the necessary documents for clients to secure the smooth flow of their conference and obtain the necessary event licenses and permits from relevant authorities.

04. Does TNC Teams provide marketing services for conferences?

Yes, TNC Teams has in-house marketing experts who can design promotional materials, promote companies and brands online, and spread messages effectively through appropriate channels.

05. What kind of services does TNC Teams provide during the execution of a conference?

TNC Teams can assist with announcements and ticket sales, building the venue, onsite check-ins and badging, speaker management, and sponsor/exhibitor management during the execution of a conference.