Development Services

Making Innovative Platforms

TNC blockchain development services aim to use blockchain technology to enable our clients to achieve their goals. Our team of expert software engineers and developers build platforms from ideation to mainnet launches.

We apply the best practices to create fresh and versatile tokens, coins, dApps, and more. Best of all, we design our blockchain-based products to be scalable, efficient, and easily fuse with your business.


Our Blockchain Based Products

While blockchain has broad use, our experts always find the right fit for our clients' business needs. Our blockchain development services cover security, digital asset tracking, events, data storage, network security, and more.

In fact, our blockchain development services will take you from ideation where our team of content writers will hone your idea, turning it into a whitepaper. We will also create a roadmap that is both new and viable.

We Create Smart Contracts

To create smart contracts, we use the various platforms that support them. Our contracts possess top-tier utility optimized to meet your team’s needs.

In addition, once we’ve created the contract, we will deploy tokens to the testnet for testing and fine-tuning. After we have fully vetted the contract we will finally deploy it to the platform’s mainnet.

Once deployed, the contract will be filed on the platform’s block explorer. At this point, our team will also add an official ticker, website, and token to the contract. After this, we will file it all for the final checks.

Token Deployment
Smart Contract Creation

We Develop Blockchains

Our blockchain development services also include launching your mainnet. To achieve this, we can use either a BTC or EOS fork to ensure smooth coin or token use.

Finally, our team of blockchain developers will add strong checks to ensure that your blockchain remains secure.

Our team is also capable of creating and deploying a mainnet from scratch. If there are specific functions that you want to implement, our team can test and implement these.

Mainnet Development
Soft Fork
Hard Fork