Mainnet Development

We can create a fully-developed blockchain platform for users to send and receive cryptocurrency transactions.

List Your Project on Top Exchanges


With our help, you can have your own mainnet with unique features and the ability to perform and record digital asset transactions.

Mainnet Swap

We have lots of experience and we can help you migrate your token from different platforms onto your own mainnet platform once developed.

Deploy a Mainnet

Create and Deploy a Mainnet

After trial and error through the testnet, we can help you launch your own mainnet.

Launching your own mainnet gives you many advantages. By having your own platform, you can tweak the specifics and functions of your blockchain. 

Creating and deploying a mainnet takes time and effort. But with TNC Teams’ experienced developers the work can be accomplished flawlessly with minimal friction and optimal speed. 

After the development of your mainnet, our testers and quality assurance team makes sure that there are no flaws to the blockchain. We make sure that your mainnet is of the highest standard and one of the best in the market.

With TNC Teams, we can develop innovative mainnets that solve the issue of the blockchain trilemma.


Mainnets developed by TNC Teams have the most optimal speed in the industry. The blockchains are very scalable and can handle very high transactions per second (TPS).


With TNC Teams, mainnet security is a priority. We develop mainnets with enterprise-grade security that can withstand cyber attacks that try to penetrate your platform.


We are capable of creating and launching decentralized platforms without compromising the scalability and security of your mainnet.