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Telegram, Discord & Crypto Community Management

Whether to increase engagement or build community, TNC Teams will provide you with all efficient solutions to help you manage your community. Our community management specialists are always ready to provide you assistance with the creation and maintenance of communities on Telegram and Discord.

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Telegram Community Management Services

We Offer

Businesses and organizations may deliver messages conveniently and rapidly to every group member simultaneously using Telegram community management services. Our Telegram strategy can speed up communication and save time.


Communication Management

Businesses and organizations may deliver messages conveniently and rapidly to every group member simultaneously using Telegram community management services. Our Telegram strategy can speed up communication and save time.


Media Management

With the help of TNC Teams’ Telegram community management services, businesses can manage and share messages and files. Stay organized and in sync with everything that’s communicated.


Member Management

Maintaining a Telegram list of members can be challenging. We make member management simple. Your group can be organized and tidy by adding and removing members with just a few clicks.


Member Bans And Unbans

We offer a ban/unban feature, so you can quickly remove anyone causing trouble from your group. Ensure order and peace in your group with this approach.


Event Planning And Execution

Whether it’s an online meetup, webinar, or an AMA, we can help you plan and execute events that will allow your team members to engage with the community and answer questions.


Content Creation And Curation

We can create and curate content for your group that includes announcements, updates, guides, and FAQs that meet the needs of your group members.

Discord Community Management Services

We Offer

The skilled Discord community management moderators at TNC Teams will remove users who violate the rules; monitor behavior, interactions, and chats to ensure a hospitable environment; and examine server insights to keep your server operating efficiently.


Banning Violators

At TNC Teams Discord community management services, if a user is seen violating the community rules, our team will immediately ban the said users from your server. This also includes disruptive users, posting of inappropriate content, and scamming, among others.


Close Monitoring

To ensure that everyone is obeying the community rules and enjoying the experience, our moderators will watch all talks and interactions occurring on your server. Additionally, our designated team will take immediate action upon observing any disruptive or improper behavior.


Removing Inappropriate Messages

Any offensive messages will be immediately removed from your server as soon as they are discovered by the Discord community management team at TNC Teams of skilled moderators. This also includes messages using foul language, hate speech, or spam.


Analyze Server Insights

To ensure your server operates efficiently, TNC Teams’ professionals will examine the insights from your server. This involves keeping an eye on the volume of traffic going through your server and identifying any possible problems.


Clarifications And Doubts

We will help you engage with your community to find the right answers to your questions no matter how many they are. We will tirelessly help you resolve issues and escalations that will come up within your audience.


Turning Ideas Into Reality

We will ensure that your discord community ideas will be pushed to become concrete products. With thorough coordination and discussions, TNC Teams will be able to give you that.

Crypto Community Management Services

We Offer

The success of your community depends on how well it is managed. Our crypto community management services assist you in expanding your presence and engaging users on many channels. To help you generate interest in your project, we provide a range of services, including;


Event Planning

TNC Teams can assist you with organizing and carrying out occasions like online meetups, webinars, and AMAs so that members of your team can interact with the community and respond to inquiries.


Group Management

Our team can also assist you with creating channels, setting up rules and moderation, adding bots, and managing your Discord or Telegram group.


Creating Content

Our crypto community management team will help produce and organize material such as alerts, guidelines, and FAQs.


Growth Management

TNC Teams’ crypto community management team works hard to attract new members to your chosen channels and grow your presence.



In order to ensure the health of your community, it is crucial to keep a close eye on it at all times. At TNC Teams, we help you do it more efficiently.



Share your insights with the community and learn from each other what they have to say. TNC Teams will help you find the right voice required to reach through to your community.

Why Choose Us For Telegram & Discord Community Management Services

TNC Teams is committed to delivering results. We fulfill our obligations, no matter how complex the project is. You can rely on TNC Teams when it comes to business establishment services.


Team Moderators

TNC Teams appreciate the importance of creating a safe and uplifting online community for crypto community management. To assist organizations, we offer supportive group moderating services.


24-hour Customer Service

Our team of specialists is available to assist you if you ever need assistance. You can always obtain the assistance you require with our round-the-clock customer care from the experts in the field.


Adaptable Moderation Configuration

We tailor our moderation arrangement to suit your unique requirements. We can assist, whether you just need a few mods to keep things in check or a group of moderators to keep your server running well.


01. What is the importance of maintaining a well-managed community?

Maintaining a well-managed community helps increase engagement, build trust and loyalty among members, and generate interest in the project or organization. It also helps create a positive reputation and can lead to long-term success.

02. What services does TNC Teams offer for Telegram community management?

TNC Teams offers communication management, media management, member management, member bans and unbans, event planning and execution, and content creation and curation for Telegram community management.

03. What services does TNC Teams offer for Discord community management?

TNC Teams offers banning violators, close monitoring, removing inappropriate messages, analyzing server insights, clarifications and doubts, and turning ideas into reality for Discord community management.

04. What services does TNC Teams offer for crypto community management?

TNC Teams offers event planning, group management, creating content, growth management, measurement, and learning services for crypto community management.

05. Why choose TNC Teams for Telegram and Discord community management services?

TNC Teams is committed to delivering results, has a team of moderators for creating a safe and uplifting online community, provides 24-hour customer service, and offers adaptable moderation configurations.